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A zine that focuses on the Hungarian transgender woman in light of the countries recently implemented anti-trans policies and muses over the idea of femininity and performativity.

The project was created by Fabian Kis-Juhasz in collaboration with Photographer Hanna Redling. It contains essays by Zsu Zsuro, Marjolijn Oostermeijer and features images created by Hanna and Fabian. 

The zine comes with a suprise poster!

All profits will go to , a Hungarian organisation the provides resources and community to the countries transgender citizens.

All fashion and concept: Fabian Kis-Juhasz @fabiankisjuhasz
Photography: Hanna Redling @hannaredling
curation: Zsu Zsuro @zsuzsuro
additional text: Marjolijn Oostermeijer @marjooost
photo assistant: Roxane Juhasz @roxxsteady
AMADEA @amadeaofficial
Rahel Kis @ksrahel
Elvira Margarita Angyal
Tamara Szilvia Angyal
Karol Muller @karollmuller5000
Jordana Kalmar @hanyagjardena
Hair: Veronika Fabian @hairlabbudapest
Nails: Dracula Nails @draculanails
Jewellery: Rebekah Bide @rebekahbide